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SPECIAL EYE DETECTIVE – Understand the risk and dangers involved with marriages. We are leading pre matrimonial Investigation agency in India. Offering a wide ranges of services to clients.

Marriage sometimes develop problems due to the suspects activities of one’s life partner. it is always better to be alert. otherwise its always ending up with fighting or divorce situations. so we are always there for helping you to solve your problems.

Innumerable divorce cases comes in the light in everyday life and uncountable number of cases remain pending in the court of law due to lack evidence mostly on the behalf of wives.

When you feel that your partner is having an extra marital affair it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible before it starts threatening your sanity. We have advanced technology so we could find your partners loyalty.

Family discord can occur when a child’s problematic behaviors lead to a destabilizing of the family system. Other destabilizing factors can include (but are not limited to) marital conflict, dysfunction of a spouse, emotional distance, substance abuse, and physical or mental health issues.

Surveillance can confer with surveillance cameras, aerial surveillance, profiling, social network evaluation, computer surveillance, and, of course, human operatives that carry out surveillance

If children are in bad companies then it is our duty to make safe them and avoid them from it. Specialeye Detectives Agency is here to help our clients. We have latest technology as well as councilor to concern to children and help them to be free from such alcoholic situation.

We are specialized in Private Detectives, Investigations, Matrimonial, confidential verifications and inquires for business as well as personal. Our Mission is to provide and supply our clients with superior private investigative services in pune.


special eye detective private detective agency Gives you a 24 hrs support and we have great team to solve your problems earliar.

We have excellent customer services.

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24/7 Support

We intend to provide all type of services requested by our customers round the clock. Our support team is designed so well to help clients at any hour of need. We heartily request the customers not to wait for the right time, because it’s always the right time to discuss your concerns.


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Amol Bodke
Amol Bodke
13:33 21 Apr 19
Services are best👌specialeye👁️ Highly recommended 👍
karan chavan
karan chavan
07:32 18 Apr 19
Fantabulous work!! Impressive with the services which has been provided by specialeye detective agnecy. Helpful in all kind of matters like pre/post martimonial, extra affair etc. It's 100% safer and confidential. Liked it 😀read more
mrunali koli
mrunali koli
10:10 15 Apr 19
Had great experience with specialeye detective agency and team. They truly understand our need and I got every single details which I need with excellent proof.. Thank you so muchh👍read more
Shreeya Parchure
Shreeya Parchure
09:28 15 Apr 19
Great work- they are professional,co-operative and most importantly understand your need. Services are best😁 Highly recommended 👍👍read more
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