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Children Investigation

As your kid’s grows, their risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiments with their life and Most Of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking, Physical Relationships and many other.

Specialeye Detective Agency – can find out all the details about your children that where they are going, in which friend circle they are, in which company they are etc. Specialeye Detectives Agency is here to help parents to make safe their children from bad company and to avoid them from alcohol, smoking etc.

To track your Teen’s activities, You Must Hire specialeye detective so that you know about your kids and take appropriate actions before it’s to late.

If children are in bad companies then it is our duty to make safe them and avoid them from it. Specialeye Detectives Agency is here to help our clients. We have latest technology as well as councilor to concern to children and help them to be free from such alcoholic situation.

Duration: 7 Days

Budget: ₹ 15K

All Information is 100% Confidential And Private

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