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Family Case Investigation


Now these days disputes among families or in any kind of relation are very common and these kind of matters are increasing and many cases are filed in the court regarding these issues. Specialeye detective agency helps clients to gather more evidences  and information’s related to case to uncover the truth.

Loved ones discord can occur when a child’s complex behaviors result in a destabilizing of the household approach. Different destabilizing motives can comprise (nevertheless will have to not limited to) marital conflict, dysfunction of a spouse, emotional distance, substance abuse, and bodily or intellectual wellness issues.

family case

Points to be covered:

1.Parent–child conflict, Child adjustment, Intervention, Early childhood

2. Disrespect

3. Extremes in Conflict

4.Unequal/Unfair Treatment


6.Lack of Empathy/Understanding

7. Fighting/Arguing

8. Ridicule

9. Isolation.

Duration:- 7 Days

Budget:- 15K

All Information is 100% Confidential And Private

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